Hotel living

I enjoy my job and I enjoy the travel. It is, however about time that people recognised that work travel is not a holiday, and while for some, hotels are rare and fun, for others they are tiresome and impersonal.

It is three nights now in a 4 star spa resort in Austria. It would be good if the pretty one was here, but she is off having fun. This isn’t a winge, just saying like it is. Imagine everytime you wanted a drink having to pay a service charge or not being able to prepare your own food. God, Germanic (see what I did) food is SO salty. Tastes of nothing else. English food was bland, we addresses it and have fantastic eateries and a real selection of worldwide cuisines. Germanic countries just add salt. Salty stodge! I am so looking forwards to my kitchen and cooking a good Thai Green Curry tomorrow. Tesco is delivering food just after lunchtime and coriander and lemongrass were top of the list!

Back to the hotel, there are some advantages. The gym was pretty good (and as a spa hotel the old people left it to me) and swimming everyday must be good for you. The trade show was dead today, so settled down to do the things you can’t do on a pda overlooking the lobby. That is he photo I share.

On way home now (literally) on a tiny plane (a Dash 8 400 geeks) with a fat person sticking their knees into my back through the seat! I don’t think they found he gym in the hotel by the looks of it.


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