In full swing and utterly disappointing

The London Cycle Show is in full swing. It is of a reasonable size, but I am disappointed for non-trade exhibitors. Is this really the best UK consumers deserve? Sure there are a good number of brands represented, but not the brands themselves – just their distributors, and then only with limited floorspace. Why don’t brands themselves come? Big brands? No Shimano, Trek, Cannondale, Crank Brothers, Tacx, DT, Magura, Ritchie, Selle Italia, Giant? The small brands will follow. Is the second largest European cycling Market unimportant to these brands? Does London, a proper World metropole, not offer a customer base to them? Can the big brands not find the budget to treat their loyal customers to a bit of flare and glamour?

Whatever the reason, and it is to do with the cost of the show, the number of international shows and events this weekend (Roc d’Azur in the South of France for example) it is still a disgrace. Yes, this is my third show in 5 weeks, but I am there. The cost of it – well this is insane. It costs more than the largest and most important show of them – Eurobike. What’s more there is a visitors ticket system which is so open to abuse that one wonders just how many people paid £15 to get in – those who did should feel ripped off.

Give away show space. Make it cheaper for brands to attend. Attract the largest brands and everyone else will follow. The Austrian show was amazing by comparison. Make a show which the visitors will feel is worth the money. forget large ‘test tracks’ which consume lots of space – they’re too small to give you a feel for anything.

it just baffles me how it can continue to miss the mark again and again.


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