Good morning?

5.40 Alarm
5.41 Shower
5.50 Dressed
6.00 Taxi
6.04 Cashpoint
6.18 Heathrow Terminal 1
6.25 checked in
6.28 cleared security
6.30 HMV
6.38 BMI lounge for breakfast
6.52 Final call – walk to the gate
6.55 On Jet-Way (air bridge) waiting
7.05 Discussion with flight attendant about Lufthansa’s cabin baggage allowance which she appears not to know
7.07 In seat 26c waiting for pushback
7.14 Safety instructions given
7.14 Pushback for a full 7.15 flight, awesome.
9.50 unload onto bus (slept the entire flight – again, awesome)
10.00 Cleared customs
10.08 White Coffee Mocha ordered in Starbucks
10.09 – 10.13 Walk to Lufthansa ticketing in FRA
10.14 invited to the desk to talk about my return ticket
10.33 parted with £150 to change return by 24 hours
10.41 Railway station
10.42 Realise train is running 20mins late – disconnect for my local train from Koblenz (my destination)
11.18 Train to Mainz
11.34 Change trains
11.51 Train to Koblenz – beautiful day. Not a cloud. Rhine looking very picturesque.
12.51 Arrive Koblenz
12.58 Check in to hotel “Mr Worksrider – good to see you again, there is mail for you here”
13.18 Jump into Taxi (rather than the local train). Brand new E-Class. Very nice.
13.31 Arrive at HQ – pay taxi 17 euros (own money!)
13.32 Join meeting only 32 minutes late.


2 responses to “Good morning?

  1. Since when do you drink white mochas?? Did you get whipped cream as well?! I think you’ve been hanging out with a certain German too long…

  2. It is something I have been into for a little while. No cream. Ever.

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