Surfing a wave

Sometimes there are instances of product placement, which simply leave me astounded. Some of them are so good, and so well carried out that I simply salute those involved.

Oakley sunglasses are by far the market leader. I purchased my first pair at the age of 14, and despite getting glasses through work pretty much for free now, I still prefer Oakley. The are the default. Oakley glasses? Tick……. I own 3 pairs at present.

Everyone followed the plight of the Chilean miners trapped for a couple of months underground. In the age of the internet, many many people tuned in to see them ‘pop out’ live on TV or on the Internet. Twitter and Facebook alerted anyone not following the news live that it was happening – this brought me to tune in and when I did, I couldn’t help but well up with respect for the Oakley PR people (okay, seeing these people emerge after two and a bit months was pretty emotional too)! What had Oakley done? Well obviously some bright spark had sent down a box of brand new super dark Oakley glasses for each miner to wear as they popped out. Although done at night to protect their eyes, the media and lighting used to help the rescuers was providing a lot of glare. Trapped underground for weeks on end, someone somewhere had thought about this. And Oakley were there with their glasses. Each miner wearing a pair of black frames with contrasting Oakley logo.

How many photos will be taken? This is news beamed into every living room worldwide tonight. Every newspaper tomorrow will cover it. And there, surfing the wave is Oakley.

BBC News' Image

It was brilliant.

Now where do I find PR people like that?


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