Hectic times

Wow, so much on.

Thursday night got home to the UK kind of late, after meeting with a friend in Frankfurt for dinner. Landed at 22.30, then taxi and all that. Finally in bed about 0.30. Had the nice Lufthansa plane with the retro livery (I think an A321). Got told off for converting the middle seat into a table like they do for business class. I just shrugged.

Friday I went to see the accountant, Wiggle and then two friends around the Portsmouth area. Having worked 11 days straight, I was quite happy to call it a day midday Friday.

Yesterday I got up relatively early, then wasted most of the day doing trivial rubbish around the house. I then decided that rather than doing nothing for the entire day, that I would drive to Bristol to see the end of the bike race I had intended doing! So off I went (didn’t do the race, as very conscious of burning the candle at both ends). This was then followed by a curry with a load of friends down in Bath (where some of them are students – I was offered a bed for the night but politely declined). I then hopped back in the car to drive home. Bed by 2am.

Very very proud of myself though. I am seeing lots of my friends.


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