Coffee Smells

I landed at about 5.30 am or 10.30 pm back home. After a long wait for luggage it was to the airport bus for the city itself. Incheon Airport is on what appears to be reclaimed land and there is frantic development going on practically all the way from the airport to the city. The economic crisis did have an impact here, causing crippling currency fluctuations however that doesn’t seem to deter the Dubai-esque building programme. Of course there it is another level, but just one look at the bridge out to Icheon and it is apparent that the Koreans are serious.

Something that South Koreans are serious about is integration into the west. Upon arrival it was apparent that the high hotel room cost was due to the G20 being hosted here. It can’t remember what the exact line was on the video on the bus talking about it, but it was along the lines of ‘as a stable and integrated member of the International community” – not having a dig at the North at all then!

It was too early to check in, so I walked about for a couple of hours looking for a coffee shop which was open. Found this one, but cannot confirm the claim or not as it was closed! I love this sort of thing though.

My method for combating jetlag was then called for, so a 3 hour sleep at the hotel (about 2am back home) followed by 30mins in the pool. My swimming is getting pretty good now, so I am pleased about that.

Just now I have been walking around the area of the city in which I am staying. Went to a couple of bike shops, looking for both our products and rip offs. I decided to tell them who I was, and immediately was offered a cup of coffee and given the guided tour. Koreans generally are really friendly and extremely proud of their country and what they do. This shop was no exception.

The shop was interesting. Typically Korean in that it was dripping in titanium. Of the 70 bikes there about 80 were fully loaded titanium steeds. Apparently the average older Korean rider with money always buys a ti bike – kind of like buying a diesel Mercedes for your retirement in Europe perhaps?!

I have then been plodding the streets looking for dinner. I made a few videos and was again blown away by how lucky I am to do this job. Lots of free hotspots and the new iPhone made this really easy – street names in Korean not really helping me much. iPhone GPS will ensure I get to bed tonight.

Tomorrow I get picked up at 9 and the work starts. Show related posts will follow.


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