November is here, and winter is coming

I rode today again.  Just got on my bike and headed for the nearest hill.  It was one of those days when it was cold outside, so you head for the hills to get a climb in your legs, and get your body temperature up.

It was a grey day.  It had clouded over from the sunny ‘it was lovely when I got up’ weather first thing.  Golden leaves were being blown off the trees and across the road.  For about 7 miles I saw only two cars.  Just pedalling, warm and toasty in my cool weather gear.

The terrain is relentless.  There is up or down.  No flats, and it appeals to the ‘rules’ of a good road ride for me.  These rules are that you have to have at least two leg burning, granny gear climbs in it.  One isn’t enough.  Leg burn should come twice.

Just really really enjoyable.

Zeals, Mere, The Deverils, Cut through to the Warminster / Shaftesbury Road, Shaftesbury, Gillingham, Milton on Stour, Bourton, Zeals.


One response to “November is here, and winter is coming

  1. We should meet up for ride soon!

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