Opps, forgot about posting again

So I have been busy.  I rode bikes.  I crashed bikes.  I drank.  I locked keys in car.  I called the AA to break in.  I threw two dinner parties on two consecutive nights and then I flew to Germany.

I am sat in the office at the moment and it is hammering it down with rain.  I am about to go and meet with a bunch of colleagues to have dinner, but I am shattered.  I have been put on ‘new colleague’ duty for this week.  Actually, I know the guy quite well, having met him a few times.  I am glad he is joining us and it is nice talking him through the business, but god, it is shattering.

Add to that a hotel with a heating system drying out all water in sight (I wake up severely de-hydrated) and I am feeling a bit off colour.

I have also been moved.  We are having a new office built, and while that is underway they couldn’t justify my having my own desk here which I don’t use 80% of the time.  I am now working in the Pro Racing Team’s office.  There are bikes in here!  Actually a couple of ‘museum’ bikes – a World Championship winning machine and a German Championship winning machine.  It reminds me of why I am here, but it is kind of like working in a garage!


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