Right now I am in the temporary office sat at someone elses desk.  One of the women from the accounts department just came in to ask me when I will next be here, gave me a big hug and said that she hopes I come to the Christmas do.  It is nice to feel that you belong somewhere, isn’t it?  I have the same with my colleagues here most of the time that I am in the office.  People seem genuinely pleased to see me (and me them) and I suppose why shouldn’t they / we be?  I don’t think that they value my input any more or less with my not always being here, but people tend to show it more, and seize the moment in which to say things.  It is nice, and I am all for it.

While we are on the subject of belonging, I am coming to terms with having purchased ‘expensive’ luggage.  Traveling as I do means that you notice things and like anything there are must have brands for traveling.  Look out for the Tumi luggage next time you are in an airport.  Those are the people who fly a lot and are part of a club.  It is badges I suppose.

With this in mind, and being a fashion victim as I am when Lufthansa damaged my luggage I upgraded to something a bit better.  I can’t really comment on if it is worth the premium as I have not yet flown with the Rimowa case which I now have, however I now I an identifying label that I am not a tourist traveling! (I recognise that tourist may have this brand too).

Actually, what has struck me most about the case is how light it is.  That and a 5 year guarantee are a positive starting point.  The premium in that respect could well be worth it.  The previous case lasted about 2 years.


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