Daily Archives: November 27, 2010

Winter Hill

Pearl Izumi Base Layer

Team Winter tights

Team Winter Jacket


Pearl Izumi Am Fib Gloves

Buff on head

Buff on neck

Team Socks

Cycling Shoes

Neoprene overshoes


Temperatures today were zero centigrade.  I don’t think it actually rose above freezing point all day long.  It was dry in the South East though, so I kitted up and got in a couple of hours on the road bike.  Crisp, delightful pedal turning.  Not caring about the speed, the length or distance covered.  Not even worried about most of the time about which gears you are in.

Couldn’t help but smile to myself as climbing Winter Hill near Cookham Dean, with the frost still on the grass.  Very fitting.


Cold weather and photo inspiration

Ironic isn’t it?  After the last post about nothing beating the real thing in terms of music, I decide I should ride the bike a little bit.  Being that it is REALLY cold at the moment, the approach that I took was to grab the Tacx rollers, and set them up in front of the TV.  Rollers are great.  You have to keep the balance yourself – you are properly riding the bike.  Far less boring than turbo training.  You need a towel down though, because there is no air flow.

Cold weather makes me think of my other hobbies.  I was recently inspired by a different blog and the winter provides such great light for photography during the afternoon.

I cleaned my car and felt inspired.  Please click for hi resolution.

I had lusted after a BMW since my first ever trip to Germany in 1994.  We visited the BMW museum in Munich as part of a school trip, and that planted it for me.  My view of money though is such that I don’t want masses of cash sat around in a depreciating asset – so an older BMW was the way to go.  Someone else has lost most of the money that it cost new, while it continues to deliver 90% of what it did from the showroom.

The photographs are taken using a tri-pod, a Canon 1000D and long exposures to try to compensate for the low light levels.

The light at 4pm was great, I just had to drive around a bit to find a good location.  In the background of the first photo there are deer – these photos were taken in the car parks for Windsor Great Park.