Where to?

I have fallen back into not posting. I suppose that is why my blog will never have a huge following. Perhaps I don’t care enough? Perhaps it is the lack of feedback from readers so it feels like I am writing into ether? That said, I know some people read and enjoy this, and actually I enjoy writing it.

So where have I been? Well Taiwan again, and actually working very hard to try to move the company forward. With The Pretty One away I have a little more space to be creative and selfish with regards to work (read selfish).

How was Taiwan? Superb. The beat work trip to the far east ever perhaps. Just me and the boss of the company. Things get done. There is more signal and so little noise.

The show was meeting with bike manufacturers discussing products which will feature on new bikes. I have written about this show before. It is one of those where here is the greatest connection between manufacturer and manufacturer. As a networking environment it is awesome. Everyone is on the same hotels. Meetings can take place at breakfast, and informal chats happen all over. I love it. It is so rewarding. The only problem is that it is so close to Christmas and that artificial deadline which it makes up. Actually for me, it was a proper deadline. Christmas this year wasn’t just the normal one week.

Right now it is the 28th December. The moving map in front of me tells me that I have another 3 hours on this flight. I am somewhere over the great lakes. Officially I return to work on January 17th.

Where am I going?


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