Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Cold to the core

There is a fog coming down, and it is cold. Icy cold. The cars have a hard frost on them, and the wind coming in over the golf course is biting. It is dark. Proper, you can see all the stars in the sky dark. All the same, we are in the hotel car park, behind a sprinter van as the guys get their bikes out. Lighting wise, when everyone switches on to full power, it is like a football stadium. It is time for a road ride.

This was Core Bike. An industry only show for the UK Market. A few distributors grouped together, and joined forces with cycling event organiser Patrick Adams to show their latest wares and invite their customers to a select location (a luxury spa hotel next to Silverstone race track) before the season gets underway. It kicks things off for many and there are other similar shows elsewhere.

I was presenting our new products, and more importantly networking and socialising with the guys who actually sell the products into the shops. Which brings me to the ride.

The majority of sales reps are riders at heart. In fact the majority of the industry are riders in one respect or another. That is both positive and negative. Tonight it was positive. Everyone egged each other on. The encouragement being mutual. The reps, a sales manager from Fizik and myself. Off into the freezing night.