Those of you who know me will know that music has always been important to me.  At age 18, I saved up enough money to buy a cheap car, instead though I borrowed my brother’s battered car (my parents didn’t think I was being wise with my money so refused the loan of either of their cars) and drove a round trip of about 140 miles to go and buy a ‘proper’ separates hi-fi.

My rooms at university were always set up with the bed in the sweet spot between the speakers, and I had a completely different setup for my decks (which I sold years ago and regret)!

When I was in Switzerland, one of the first things I purchased was a little Sony CD Player / Stereo which was for my room.  That little machine came with me to Austria too.  For many years it was in my room at my parents house, and they have now kidnapped it and taken it to France.

When The Pretty One and I bought our flat, I insisted that the TV goes flat against the wall and the speakers are stand mounted each side of it (I bought new ones) so the middle of the sofa is the sweetspot.  The speakers amazed me and reminded me that actually purchasing higher quality hifi components  will actually allow you to experience more of the music.  It is like listening through new ears.  Whether or not the majority of people agree with me or not, I don’t care.  I feel you have to live with a system to really appreciate it too.  Just popping over for a listen wont reveal everything.

Since purchasing the speakers, I have been telling myself that the amplifier and (to my shame) the DVD player being used to spin the CDs which I still buy and enjoy needed to be upgraded.  I even went as far as buying a couple of magazines to research which amps and cd players mate nicely with my speakers.

A couple of days ago I pulled the trigger.  I found the deal that I wanted and bought what is still a fairly entry to mid level system.

Once again, all of my music sounds brand new.  The same brilliant and familiar music, but through new ears.  More controlled.  Just more music.  It is amazing.

Speaking of amazing, I am telling everyone to listen to this:

This is a 14 year old girl playing and singing.

This is the Foals – Thanks to Tracey for suggesting I listen to them.

I will add more as I am amazed by more songs……


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