My week.

I love weeks like that. I was at work, in Germany, visiting the office, talking through projects, catching up with people, eating lots of sushi, and setting up strategy for the next year. Weeks like this what really makes me enjoy my job. It’s not always about big bike shows or weeks away in fancy hotels and long haul flights. Sometimes it’s just about the day to day running of the company, talking to my colleagues, catching up with them, and looking at what they’ve been working on as well show them what I’ve been working on. The majority of the time I work from home and that of course makes it very difficult to relate at times to what the rest of the company is up to. It makes working together a little bit more difficult than it should be if they were in the next room. It isn’t a real obstacle but going to Germany for a week and submerging myself in that environment really helps. It really helps morale as much as anything. I had a couple of days of meetings with the owner of the company and we really really worked through everything. Just wanted to share with you that I consider it a good week even if there aren’t a massive number of exciting things to update about. I’m now back at home lying in bed looking out the window and it’s raining. Not a good start to the weekend – means I will get very wet on my road bike. After shopping first though. Boo!


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