2am start.

There are times when being away really sucks. For example, when you have jetlag and fall asleep at dinner. Return to the hotel to go to sleep at 9pm, awake at 2 am with a stinking cold, then cannot go back to sleep.

I have been awake for nearly four hours, and it is time for a hot bath to try to clear my head. It is a Lost in Translation moment. Time for that film which captures so much of the strangeness of my life at times.

It isn’t going to get better either. A number of my customers have left or simply not shown up because of the situation with the nuclear power plant in Japan. The trip has become a little bit superfluous. Not only that, but I now need to go and visit them in their home countries to make up for it.

The photographs are inspired in part by the gritty photos my friend Yos takes. The lingering hotel rooms in film also capture it.

End of moaning.


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