Monthly Archives: March 2012


I have been running quite a bit over the past 13 months on inactivity on here. I don’t really know if I like it yet! Where I am living now though kind of dictates that I either run or use the gym unless I have 3 hours to work out (not that often). Today, a 3.8 mile run up and down the canals / rivers of Manchester and Salford. We are here because of the pretty one’s job – The BBC moved – so for most of the time I am here (when not back down south or abroad).

I have also been working hard on the asthetics of my upper body (if not my strength) with lots of sit-ups and ab work, and press ups (again, which I hate). It is a vanity project, completely, but there are the traces of a six pack. I should have done it in my twenties! Not that I have ever been fat, but at times lacked definition.

Off to Germany tomorrow for the week, so will update from there.

Where have I been?

Now that’s a question. Where have I been?

Time has been an issue. Finding time to organise myself, let alone write a blog has been difficult. I have moved house, travelled again, pretty extensively and worked harder than perhaps I should.

Life, however is still great. Work still provides me with massive freedom, combined with a chance to see the World. It is March as I write this, and as usual I am on a flight. This time though it is a private one (flight, not plane) as it isn’t work related. The Pretty One and I are returning from Marrakesh (my 7th country of 2012) where we took a long weekend. On the way out I trawled my emails and had a message from an industry friend in Australia. He came across the unused blog and mailed me about it. I supposed it was the kick I needed.

Anyway, I don’t think I will publicise the ‘re-activation’ just yet. I’d hate to excite people then let it die again (like anyone cares) but I will try to update at leader whenever I take a flight! There are a few in my near future – USA is booked for example.