Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

Looking back.

Last night we sat in one of the conference rooms at work. On my desk here there are powered hifi speakers, loud things which fill a room. Using these, and the 60inch LCD screen on the wall it makes for a pretty good cinema. We order beer and pizza. What occurred to me as I was sat there is how far we have come.

There are now 13 people working purely on the brand and the sub brand in this office. When I started there were just 3 including me. Other departments have exploded in size too. It made me think about how far we have come. The brand is going from strength to strength.

It is a while since I was at the office, and the new products, the new recruits, everything. I just wish I could write about it!

Oh well. A photo of pizza and a TV is the best I can do.