Daily Archives: April 18, 2012

Haven’t let up….

I keep traveling. Easter saw me visit my parents, The Pretty One’s family, my grandparents, TPO’s cousin, and numerous friends. A big triangle of driving. There was the odd ride or run in the, but actually far too much time in the car. The North West to The South West to The South East, then back on Easter Monday for work on Tuesday. No big deal perhaps, but this last weekend saw us back down London way, just four days later as I had to work at the shop (a friend’s business in central London called Suka, where I pledged to help out from time to time). More driving, in what isn’t the world’s most economical vehicle (my beloved 10 year old 3 litre BMW).

Things haven’t let up either. I am reclined right now in my seat flying to LA. I have no idea what the time is, nor what the time is supposed to be, and while I have slept a bit, I will arrive at my destination (not LA) at 10.30pm local time. It is always difficult to know what strategy to have in this scenario. Perhaps spending an hour on the rollers this morning was a good one, perhaps not. I will update as this experiment continues!