17 mile drive

So where am I, and what am I doing?

When I first started this job, within the first two months I was sent to California for a week to help our then, brand new US office at a festival. We were all new to the company, and undermanned. I was so green, and it was so exciting to be sent to the States for work. The festival itself is called ‘The Sea Otter Festival’. This is huge festival at the Leguna Seca racetrack which features road, dirt and mountain bike racing. There is also an exhibitors area for brands to present their stuff. In the past, this was my job. We are now large enough though that I don’t have to do it – someone else takes that job. I am here walking the show, talking to product managers. It is a relaxed show, in the sun, in California talking about OEM product.

Sleep is difficult. I am only here for a few days so there isn’t time to adjust. What is nice though is that his means waking early and going for either a run or, like this morning, a ride. Working in the industry, getting a bike, even a really nice bike, as a loner overnight is quite easy. For the bike’s owner, this is a good thing. They don’t have to have that bike in their room getting in the way overnight, and I, well I get to ride and test stuff.

This morning I rode along 17 Mile Drive. Possibly one of the most beautiful roads in the whole world. It is literally just outside the hotel. 7:30 am, riding along, it was bliss.





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