One of those days.

(written on Wednesday)

Right now I am sat in a taxi. I am in Denmark going to a meeting hurtling at high speed to my destination. The time is 2:36pm. My meeting is at 3pm and the flight back departs at 6pm. I just arrived and rushed through the airport. I expected my partners here to pick me up. I walked around the airport. I called them, and sought out a different number and rang that too. No answer on anyone’s mobile. So, I call reception. “I’m sorry sir, they are in a meeting and cannot come to the phone.”

“I know that – I am supposed to be at that meeting too, but am at the airport. Is anyone coming for me?”

Apparently not. So I am in a taxi. No idea what this will cost, but I suppose it is one of those things. I checked through the emails – no mention of a pickup by either of us, so it is my fault for not checking.

An expensive day out all in all then.

Just keep telling yourselves that it is all jet setting and champagne people. One day it might be true.


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