Just in Germ again for the week. Sitting in a nice bar getting some food. For some reason I didn’t sleep that well, despite trying to tire myself out completely on the bike yesterday. Just trying to sort out internet access while here. I have been using a USB dongle, giving me internet everywhere. The new computer put pay to that – it just didn’t recognise it. Now I have got a different SIM for use in the iPad instead of the dongle – the idea being to tether it to my other devices. Of course, this doesn’t work, because the option is not in the iPad menu (I will try to add it). The SIM does work to offer it when in the iPhone, but I don’t want to keep swapping SIMs. The plan was iPad as wifi hotspot in Germany. iPhone as hotspot in England. Is anything simple? Does anyone care? Actually if Internet access allows me to write such tedious drivel as this, I expect you’re all dead against it!



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