I have a friend, who is quite a bit older than myself.  About six years ago, we were in contact quite a lot.  He was a good hobby rider, and had the best bikes and all of the best equipment.  I remember one day talking to him about riding, and about sore muscles.  He just looked at me and said ‘go for a massage’. 

At the time, I remember thinking what a luxury that sounds like.  How nice it would be to do that – to just say, you know what, I am going to do this for myself.

I have never been a big fan of massage.  Relaxing massage to me to pointless.  It is like being stroked to death.  I am not a cat.  Sports massage, well, I have had it a couple of times, and enjoyed the feeling that actually something was being done to my muscles.  Something good.

So today, I went for a massage on my legs. the physio working on my “like old rope” knotted muscles.  It was painful but good.  A luxury I think I will occasionally afford myself.  I mean, all of this is about looking after my knee, and that has to help right?

How self-indulgent!?


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