Cwmcarn Hill Repeats

It was just such a lovely day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and I had just watched one of my good friends experience something very special with his Torchbearer run. I was in a good mood.

Dave was off out with Shred magazine and a bunch of his local mountain bike club boys for a bit of a ride. I had brought along a bike, but am a bit of a roady at the moment. This is partly to do with location (mountain biking is great, if you can easily wash your bike when you get home), and partly to do with not having a mountain bike with me for a lot of the start of the year up here.

Jo, Dave’s girlfriend (I hate that term when people have been together a long time. And partner also sounds a little strange) is training for an MTB ironman, and needed to run for a couple of hours. In the boot of my car, I had brought the Canyon road bike with me (an MTB won’t fit, but the road bike will) so together we hatch a plan to ride to Cwmcarn, where Jo would then run laps of the off road course for a couple of hours, and I would ride laps of the road course.


Cwmcarn is one of the trial centres in Wales. It is one of only two which I have been to. I have ridden it with Matt Page in the past, when I was far less fit. Riding this time was different, because the laps were on the road, but it was almost a closed road, so a bit of brainless hill repeat climbing was called for. It was interrupted every now and then by an ‘uplift’ for the downhillers going by.


Temperature wise, I think that it was the hottest day of the year so far. It was seriously hot. I rode for about 2.5 hours and took on 3 litres of liquid.

I was lapping at about 20min laps on the road loop. It was really enjoyable. I got to the pub to meet Dave and his friends with a large grin and tan lines.

This was the view at the top.



I was a lot slower than a couple of days previously, but that is to be expected.  The heat, the fact that I was riding alone, and the hill repeats were part of it.  I think I was lucky to hit the 23.3 Average that I did, over the 65.5km I rode.  That 65.5km did include 1000m of climbing though.  The York ride is going to seem VERY flat I think.


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