Amateur Hour

I recently gave someone some advice about being new to clipless pedals.  You know, the type of thing, saying to take your time with them, and to clip out early.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I finally put the Klein together and went for a ride along the canal tow path to see what needs doing to it (more air in the front forks, and perhaps the bars rotated slightly).  The idea was to go for a light ride, having already run 6km yesterday (in 30 mins, which I am quite pleased with) so just a couple of miles.

The first slight incline, and I find myself unable to clip out in time, and over I go.  I blame riding the road bike too much recently and the relative lack of float that those pedals have compared to SPDs.  I fell into a low level wall, which I then fell over, squashing my ankle against the wall, then forcing a lot of my weight on it.  It was damn painful.

Oh well – hopefully that is my ‘unable to clip out moment’ done for another year.  You’d think after 17 years of clipless I would be okay with it, but I think everyone has their moments!


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