Two climbs are better than one.

Ever since I was young, I always thought that it was a bit of a cop out to go out and do a ride with just one climb in it.  If you ride a route with only one big fat climb in the middle, you ride, put your body through the stress of climbing, and then you recover, and that is it.  I admit, it is good for you, and when I lived in Austria I would do it (in fairness the ‘climb’ would be from 420m to 1200m in one ride) but if I went back there now, I would play a lot more, going back down to base camp and then climbing up again.

Today I managed to get a ride in.  I rode part of the route from Wednesday.  Actually I rode out to the climb, did that (a bit slower I think – no one pacing me) then I linked it up to another ‘nice’ climb.  So the route on Wednesday took us up into the Peaks from Marple through Mellor.  We then looped back, but today I headed to New Mills, and on to Horwich End to do the ‘nice’ climb up through Kettlehulme before heading across to Pott Shrigley – don’t worry, none of these names mean anything to me either.

In the end the days efforts were worth 83.6km, averaging 26.3km/h.  A bit slower than I would have liked, but given the 749m climbed, not too bad.  I also had no one else to hide behind.

The ride was actually a bit of an explore, and taught me a thing or two about the Peaks……  just because it looks like a road, it doesn’t mean it is a road.  It might be for a bit, but then it will become a nice track.  It happened once on the ride, and probably added about 20m of climbing to my ride.

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