Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

Most annoying roadside repair?

So to all the cyclists out there – what is the most annoying roadside repair?

Punctures? Not really a big deal, you should have everything with you to do that one easily enough.

Broken chain? Yes, this will ruin your day on the bike. Touch wood though, it has never happened to me on the road bike.

Bits falling off? Only your self to blame here, I’m afraid.

No, I think on a road bike, the most annoying thing is one which I had to do this week. Just before coming here (Ibiza) I replaced my bar tape and rewrapped my bars. I did this at home in Manchester, inside our apartment. The problem is, the apartment is about 20degrees inside. Fast forward to Ibiza, in he sun, and the bar tape heats up to about 40 degrees, the glue fails and it starts unravelling. Really annoying at the side of the road.

I think the most annoying repair ever.