Monthly Archives: July 2012


I am sat in a rental car office. This is a non airport location at a weekend. This is not my normal experience of rental cars. Normally I am at an airport with a bunch of other people who regularly rent cars. Today, no one has their full drivers licences with them. People returning cars don’t get that they just need to leave the keys. It is odd.

Yesterday the airport was the same. Holiday time. People lost, the unfamiliarity of it all. Kids everywhere. Until I got on my flight. To London. London Frankfurt flights are different. Just full of suits.

It is more relaxed flying into Manchester. The flights always have excited football fans on them on the Friday.

Why haven’t I been posting?

It is a good question actually.  I have been trying to find inspiration.  The summer is always my quiet period in terms of travel, and now it is the build period.  Eurobike is just around the corner, and I have my flight booking hat on.  August should see me visit Germany three times going to a 24 hr race, and having a week at the office, then visiting ISPO Bike in Munich, before moving on to Friedrichshafen for Eurobike right at the end of the month.  September then is seen in my the Eurobike show, followed for me by Madrid, Las Vegas, potentially an Italian show, an Austrian show and a show in the UK.  Then I have to look at October – potentially there is The Netherlands and, all pity me now, the South of France (Nice, to be exact).


Right now I am on my way back from head office in Germany.