Daily Archives: August 13, 2012

Duisburg 24hr

I did it. I completed a 24 hour race. Usually very good at talking about riding, and talking about racing, I actually did some!

It was my first experience of racing in Germany and compared to the UK the course was less demanding. In fact, not demanding at all. I am used to the UK where a 24hr course is no different to a XC course, and our XC courses are much like a pro level XCO race in Germany. (having ridden AlpStadt on a practice lap). Duisburg was nothing like this. It was like a glorified tow path ride, with not a technical section to speak of. What this meant though was it was quick.

I wasn’t. All of the endurance races which I have done over the past 5 years (which, actually is very few) have ended in disaster. SITS – mud bath and DNFed. 24:12 – 12 hour torch bearer, started at midnight and crashed smashing my helmet at about 4:30am. Also DNF’ed. Brighton Big Dog last year – great great course. I managed 3 laps. Just 3. After 2.5 my chain snapped. This meant I ran about 5 miles, which destroyed me. Therefore my aim here was just to complete the race.

I rode slowly as a result. My fastest lap was actually my last.

I caught the bug again. I want to race.