So, who am I, and what makes this worth reading?

There are plenty of cyclists out there, blogging their lives. Some are pros, some are semi pros, some are complete amateurs hoping to pull in a sponsor, some are a little bit unhinged, others, well others are mad. Is my blog going to be different? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I am none of the things listed above. I am a cyclist (by that I mean MTB and Road, and see no real distinction between them) and have raced MTB in the past. I started riding in 1994, and still use the same bike as my winter ride. I took it all quite seriously in the 2005 season. I trained, kept training diaries, controlled my diet, cut my body fat to an unnatural level, held a full time job, worked, ate, slept. I gave up sweets, alcohol, cake and desserts. But that isn’t the person who is writing this either. I now partake in all of the above, perhaps more than I should.

What perhaps makes this blog a little different, is my job. I am one of those people who got to turn his hobby into his career. I don’t ride enough, or at least didn’t this last year. Why? Because I live in two places (Germany and England) and because of work visited practically every European country, as well as Sea Otter (CA), Taiwan Cycle, Eurobike and Interbike. I am the International Sales Manager for a bike accessory brand and as such, my perspective is a little different I think.

Yes, I will blog about riding and racing next year (MTB). I will use the blog to try to motivate myself into riding more. I will also blog about work and where it takes me. Obviously some things I will not be able to blog, and please bear in mind that when I give opinions, they are my opinions. The machines I use are tools, I might get excited about them, but they are just tools. Oh, and names may have been changed to protect privacy.

4 responses to “Who?

  1. Hello Mystery Man (‘cept I do know who you are…)

    Bravo on the blog! You’re hitting some of the same points as I like to discuss, and are doing your blog for all the right reasons.

    Only big difference is that your blog is a bit more articulate and well written than mine!

    Keep it up!

  2. Now I am interested. Come out of the shadows!

  3. Nice Blog!
    I wish I could refer to al my top rider mates! Jealous…
    Keep it up (Mr Stig). It will give me more stuffto read with interest at night.

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