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Cold weather and photo inspiration

Ironic isn’t it?  After the last post about nothing beating the real thing in terms of music, I decide I should ride the bike a little bit.  Being that it is REALLY cold at the moment, the approach that I took was to grab the Tacx rollers, and set them up in front of the TV.  Rollers are great.  You have to keep the balance yourself – you are properly riding the bike.  Far less boring than turbo training.  You need a towel down though, because there is no air flow.

Cold weather makes me think of my other hobbies.  I was recently inspired by a different blog and the winter provides such great light for photography during the afternoon.

I cleaned my car and felt inspired.  Please click for hi resolution.

I had lusted after a BMW since my first ever trip to Germany in 1994.  We visited the BMW museum in Munich as part of a school trip, and that planted it for me.  My view of money though is such that I don’t want masses of cash sat around in a depreciating asset – so an older BMW was the way to go.  Someone else has lost most of the money that it cost new, while it continues to deliver 90% of what it did from the showroom.

The photographs are taken using a tri-pod, a Canon 1000D and long exposures to try to compensate for the low light levels.

The light at 4pm was great, I just had to drive around a bit to find a good location.  In the background of the first photo there are deer – these photos were taken in the car parks for Windsor Great Park.


Photography in central London

Flicking through an in flight magazine or something the other day, I came across information about the Environmental Photographer of the Year competition. Knowing what I am like with forgetting things, I added it to the calendar on my phone for when I was next in the UK.

The reminder pinged at the start of the week, so enjoying a bit of photography as I do I went to The Air Gallery on Dover Street (right by the Ritz) to go and have a look. It was a free exhibition too, which is always nice. I suggest popping in either today or tomorrow (as then it is closed).

There are some really inspiring images there, and it is well worth a look. People should take more pictures, and the age of digital allows this. Go and be inspired.

If you can’t make that, I would suggest going to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition at the Natural History Museum. I go every year, usually with The Pretty One. I might have to rope The German into coming with me this year though, as she has deserted me!