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A manic week or so. Christmas is now behind us and New Year’s looms on the horizon. Thoughts are turning to next year, and what I plan to achieve. Is it time to make resolutions? Well, one of mine is of course to ride the bike as much as possible, but there are more fundamental things, like seeing my family more, as well as my own friends. For this, I need to plan more. I need to know my schedule more in advance and possibly book flights / tunnel / ferries a lot further out.

I will re-visit this at a later point.

The last few days has been spent with family. I have been also trying to get in some riding, but the weather here is just non-stop rain. For me, the rain isn’t something that actually puts me off riding, but it just makes the preparation last so much longer. You end up getting cold and wet while getting the bikes ready and that is hardly something that makes a ride attractive. Once you are actually riding though, it is okay. Then you arrive back home and promptly transfer all of that dirt and wetness into the house, have to wash everything, ensure you clean the bike before that goes away (or at least hose it down and use a water repelling spray on it) and then clean and feed yourself. It is all of this that takes massive amounts of time, and makes every ride a mission.

I was rather proud of myself though. I managed to get a ride in on Christmas day, as well as a swim. The swim is something we do each year, and it is a 15 mile ride from the house. Was great to stretch the legs on the fattest day of the year.

So…. rain…. perhaps I should get a home trainer?


Travelling FRA LHR

So the airport is pretty full…. my bags are on the way to the plane as I write this, from the lounge.  Came as a bit of a shock to have to queue to check in today too… I am not used to that.  The other BC and FTLs didn’t seem to be either!

Going home for Christmas!  Horrah… so looking forward to seeing The Pretty One in a couple of ours.  Unfortunately I will be bikeless for two weeks.  Running shoes are packed, so I need to expore the area aound the new flat to see if there is anywhere worth jogging…..  perhaps a gym membership is also in order.

Really tired today as a result of the banquet last night.  I am not going to write much about that, expect to post these pictures!

Meat, and... meat.

Meat, and... meat.

Singing in the woods

Riding yesterday was strange.  One of those rides where all of us in the office had been offering up different reasons for not going.

Head of R&D for example: “I crashed my cross bike at the weekend and my shoulder hurts” or Ergon Outdoor International Sales “I need to get the design for winter ISPO’s booth, wont be able to make it”.  Fact is it has rained pretty much non-stop for the last week.  I actually think it is dryer in the UK!

A few of us (Topeak Ergon’s Team Manager, an Ergon Designer and myself) gritted our teeth, kitted up and met at the railway station.

Night riding always has a surreal edge to it.  Things are just ‘different’ riding after dark.  It is very easy to get lost, and to ride at any speed the concentration required as you try to combine your memory of the trail ahead with what you are seeing just in front of you.  Add to that the goings on in the woods, such as the wild nocturnal animals, hunters, steamed up cars (!) and it is a really is a different experience.  As if that isn’t trippy enough, imagine being greeted by this:

After disturbing them (a singing group of children, and an adult wearing festive clothes) taking pictures, we continued up to the highest point in the forest before running the snowy gauntlet back down.

Rigid forks for me!

Old School Rigid forks for me!  It was icy, and someone over cooked one of the corners (not me).  Big grins all round though.

Super super tired today, and really struggling with getting the images to look right in this post.  Very much looking forward to the weekend – my gf is in town.  3 weeks since we saw each other.  Not sure what priority my bikes will get!