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Same singletrack, just faster

Rode again last night. It is so hot and humid here at the moment. 28 degrees feeling more like 40 degrees. Just hit pretty much the same trials and rode with one of our designers. Such good fun.

Today I need to get ready to fly back to the UK. I need to pack the bike to fly with and get some stuff together for a bit of a give away at the Bontrager TwentyfourTwelve. I will be riding with Rory from USE in a two man team for the 12 hour race. I am hoping that the weather holds off!

Anyone need new cleats? Come and see Ergon.


Berty the blue bike box

Finally on my way home. Today was oddly successful, the day started at 5 am when I decided that my body clock had won and there was no point trying to sleep any more. The jetlag preventing it. It is better east to west though – getting up early seems more acceptable than sleeping late because you didn’t feel sleepy until 3am. Good but also freakishly normal, with no raw fish to speak of. It was also pissing it down all day. On the Rhine, where I live in Germany, just rains and rains and rains. I go to England for a break from it.

I just packed a bike into Birty the big blue bike box. The full suspension bike doesn’t like it. It has to have the forks popped out, rear mech off, brakes disconnected, blah, blah, blah. The road bike was a joy by comparison. How I miss it.

I hope to get some riding in over the next couple of weeks. British Summer Time should help. Danny, you wanna kick my ass on the bike?

Back in the USSR

Not quite the USSR, but the UK and I drove from Germany. What is beautiful about this drive is that you realise just how close everything in Europe is. Driving through Belgium you see signs for Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Luxemburg.

I don’t write much at the moment because cycling related I am not really doing a huge amount, to my shame. I have other priorities in the UK with a house to decorate, so my biking fix isn’t happening as much as it should