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London Cycle reconsidered!

There are some great brands here, and it isn’t as bad as I perhaps made out. That was a dis-service to the brands who have shown up. SRAM and Campagnolo for example (perhaps remember that UK cyclists when buying your next bike) are both here with large stands. Specialized are also here, Exposure Lights, Brompton, Hope, Rolf Wheels, Singletrack Magazine, ERGON, Topeak, Brooks, Fizik, Whyte, Marin, Colnago and many more. Perhaps what I am forgetting is that most people here will not have been to Eurobike. In many respects they don’t know what they are missing. EB is too large as well. You just don’t get to see it all!

The show is very personal and good to take in one afternoon. The advantage of the maligned test tracks is that there is something for the whole family to do. British Cycling and Transport For London Are also here. Very good to see.

I leave you with pictures.

Tomorrow Germany, Friday Home, Weekend Bristol Beer Festival (bike race) perhaps, following week Munich and Seoul! Busy!


In full swing and utterly disappointing

The London Cycle Show is in full swing. It is of a reasonable size, but I am disappointed for non-trade exhibitors. Is this really the best UK consumers deserve? Sure there are a good number of brands represented, but not the brands themselves – just their distributors, and then only with limited floorspace. Why don’t brands themselves come? Big brands? No Shimano, Trek, Cannondale, Crank Brothers, Tacx, DT, Magura, Ritchie, Selle Italia, Giant? The small brands will follow. Is the second largest European cycling Market unimportant to these brands? Does London, a proper World metropole, not offer a customer base to them? Can the big brands not find the budget to treat their loyal customers to a bit of flare and glamour?

Whatever the reason, and it is to do with the cost of the show, the number of international shows and events this weekend (Roc d’Azur in the South of France for example) it is still a disgrace. Yes, this is my third show in 5 weeks, but I am there. The cost of it – well this is insane. It costs more than the largest and most important show of them – Eurobike. What’s more there is a visitors ticket system which is so open to abuse that one wonders just how many people paid £15 to get in – those who did should feel ripped off.

Give away show space. Make it cheaper for brands to attend. Attract the largest brands and everyone else will follow. The Austrian show was amazing by comparison. Make a show which the visitors will feel is worth the money. forget large ‘test tracks’ which consume lots of space – they’re too small to give you a feel for anything.

it just baffles me how it can continue to miss the mark again and again.


I am extremely tired, and need to post about the last couple of days. I am now back in the UK, and yesterday I had a massive day. It started at 4am, and ended…. well it hasn’t ended yet. It involved a road race and a narrowly missed crash (will post about as soon as the images are made available), a 12 hour flight and now I am back in the UK sat at my desk. It is surreal at times that places are so near, and yet so far. The flight to Cape Town is only the aforementioned 12 hours, and that is nothing. It is so close, and at the same time, that is a massive distance.

In Cape Town yesterday it was 30 degrees in the afternoon. Landing at Heathrow, and returning to home brought reality to me.

On a side note, has anyone seen the film ‘Stay’? Can you explain it to me? Perhaps I was over tired, but was he in fact projecting everything onto other people? hmmm…..  Whatever, I didn’t really like it!

Berty the blue bike box

Finally on my way home. Today was oddly successful, the day started at 5 am when I decided that my body clock had won and there was no point trying to sleep any more. The jetlag preventing it. It is better east to west though – getting up early seems more acceptable than sleeping late because you didn’t feel sleepy until 3am. Good but also freakishly normal, with no raw fish to speak of. It was also pissing it down all day. On the Rhine, where I live in Germany, just rains and rains and rains. I go to England for a break from it.

I just packed a bike into Birty the big blue bike box. The full suspension bike doesn’t like it. It has to have the forks popped out, rear mech off, brakes disconnected, blah, blah, blah. The road bike was a joy by comparison. How I miss it.

I hope to get some riding in over the next couple of weeks. British Summer Time should help. Danny, you wanna kick my ass on the bike?