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The Facebook Movie

Sorry, I mean film.  The Facebook Film.  I want to watch this with my mum a couple of nights ago.  Facebook is something which I use massively.  I love it.  It is as simple as that.  Why do I love it?  Well, in my position, it allows me to keep in touch very easily with a large number of people very easily.  I wouldn’t be in touch with as many people as I am now – people who I really value – people with whom I have recently met up with, who I wouldn’t have met up with – if it wasn’t for facebook.  I thank facebook for giving me that opportunity.  It allows me to learn about what my friends are up to, and more importantly emotional traumas they have been through and wish to share with their friends for support.  I know of no other platform which would allow me to do that.

The nature of my job means that at times I am quite lonely.  Lonely and alone, sitting in a hotel room somewhere.  I have friends though, and they come everywhere with me.  I chat to a lot of them online, I know what they are up to and when they will be around.  It is real friendship, and it means I never feel that far away.

The film was good.  It is told by the people who ‘won’ the lawsuits, so I have to take it all with a pinch of salt, but it is still worth going to see.  And let’s face it, you can’t really get around Facebook.  The Facebook generation is here.  People no longer swap phone numbers, but get their smartphones out of their pockets and instantly add each other (like I did in Korea the other day).  There is a whole new culture, and honestly, while being a complete time suck, it isn’t going to disappear soon.


Sea Otter and Volcanoes Continue

We went and picked up Team Rider Dave Weins yesterday from the airport.  Anyone who knows Dave will confirm that he is one of the nicest, gentlest and warmest people in the whole scene.  It is an honour to count him amongst my friends, and that his face genuinely lights up in friendship when he greets you.

He is leading a 100 mile ‘Grand Fondo’ today at the Otter.  It involved a 7am start for him.  I am sure that at the end of it, he will still be pretty fresh and joking around.

The show itself is pretty cool.  We were massively busy yesterday selling product and explaining it to people.  Fans of the brand were also out in force, willing to consume anything related to the brand at all.  They wanted plastic bags, jerseys, t-shirts, grips, whatever (we’re a grip company).  We didn’t have any t-shirts in the size they wanted, so I literally took the one off my back and sold it to them (it was fresh that morning, and brand new, so I didn’t feel that bad).  Funny though to to sell the shirt off my back.

The night before last we were at the premiere of ‘Ride the Divide’.  We sponsored this movie, and watching it at the IMAX was pretty good.  It sees riders taking on the great divide riding from Canada to Mexico, none stop.

On another note, I am facing up to the prospect of my flight being cancelled due to the volcano.  I am planning going to LA and staying in a hotel or at a colleagues house.  I presume that this is all a travel insurance thing, but need to check it out.  I think it may be defined as ‘an act of God’ – although given I don’t believe – I don’t know what that means for me!?


I am extremely tired, and need to post about the last couple of days. I am now back in the UK, and yesterday I had a massive day. It started at 4am, and ended…. well it hasn’t ended yet. It involved a road race and a narrowly missed crash (will post about as soon as the images are made available), a 12 hour flight and now I am back in the UK sat at my desk. It is surreal at times that places are so near, and yet so far. The flight to Cape Town is only the aforementioned 12 hours, and that is nothing. It is so close, and at the same time, that is a massive distance.

In Cape Town yesterday it was 30 degrees in the afternoon. Landing at Heathrow, and returning to home brought reality to me.

On a side note, has anyone seen the film ‘Stay’? Can you explain it to me? Perhaps I was over tired, but was he in fact projecting everything onto other people? hmmm…..  Whatever, I didn’t really like it!