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Everyone is talking about cycling

Where to start.

So much has changed in my sport recently. As a kid, I watched the Tour de France, on channel 4 for just 30mins each night. I dreamt of the race, but the riders always seemed so far removed from who I was. Exotic Europeans living in countries back then I had no idea about. Even in 1994 with Chris Boardman riding in the Tour, it still seemed like anomalies. It returned to normal service almost instantly with their departure.

Now though, we have Wiggo. A British Tour de France winner who appears to be a normal bloke. No, in fact he is a normal bloke. Someone who you could imagine being in your own cycling club. Actually, I am user that there are people in your cycling club who have way bigger egos than him.

Watching Wiggins win the Tour de France, and Froome take second, as well as Cav take stages and Millar take stages brought tears to my eyes. Tears which returned watching Wiggins win Olympic Gold. Suddenly people are talking about my sport. The Olypmics track cycling is likely to bring further success. It feels a bit like I have arrived – it also feels slightly like the secret is out!

The day of the final stage of the Tour (a sprinters stage, with Wiggins overall win already assured)I rode 65miles into the Peak District. I saw so many Team Sky jerseys, as well as genuine British Cycling team members riding. Let’s hope the momentum continues – I look forward to the day I go to a bar and don’t have to request they put the cycling on!

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. I have been busy. I built a bike.


London Olympics 2012 Torchbearer

There are some things in life which don’t happen everyday. In 2012 the Olympic Games is coming to London. It is called the London Olympics, but the truth is that it is Britain hosting, with football matches taking place in Scotland, Sailing in Dorset and other events elsewhere (cycling in Surrey).

As part of the build up, there is an Olympic Torch relay around the country. People from all walks of life could be nominated to take part in this. The nomination went to a committee who then picked the eight thousand people to take place in the relay over three weeks, details are here.

I have some amazing friends. I know some fantastic athletes. I know some of the strongest people on the planet (YH I am talking about you). I know world champions, and world record holders. A lot of this is through my job, some however aren’t.

I have known Dave Buchanen since 2004 or 2005. At the time I was very prevellent on an Internet Forum WeightWeenies and although riding a lot, I was suffering knee trouble. A complete stranger to me at the time, Dave, a BioMechanics specialist, invited me to his home and spent a day with me, taking my history, making notes and giving me advice. He gave me some insoles, and they helped. The knee improved and I was happier and able to ride again. Life though, had other plans, and I was offered a job at the company which is now my main client. I moved to Germany, rode there, talked to other specialists, had modifications made on my bike, and riding was a lot easier.

For me knee, a lot of the problem I feel has been solved by a combination of Dave’s efforts, other biomechanics experts, cross training, and improved Cleat Placement. I don’t usually push our own product, but if you are suffering any type of knee complaint, please use an Ergon TP1 Cleat Tool and check your cleat position. I consider myself an expert cyclist, but mine was significantly out, but you would have never known it just looking at it with you the cleat on the shoe. I have photos on my computer of Tyler Phinney using one which he purchased, and am informed that there are other pro cyclists in that and other teams using this product. We aren’t sponsoring them.

Work saw me attending mountain bike races, and both Dave and his partner Jo Evans were riding 24 hr races at the time (and doing very well). I introduced him to Ergon products, and he used them on his bikes.

Dave is tenacious and darn stubborn. He is a cancer survivor, and has been told that things he is suggesting are impossible. This drives him to do more and more seemingly insane things. This leads to a lot of money being raised for charity, many many hours in the saddle, and a Guinness World Record. This is why I nominated Dave. He is an inspirational person. He is a generous person. And his Hobbit’s Tale route is the now confirmed longest non-stop mountain bike ride. It covered some 22,300m of elevation over 721km. Dave’s website, with details of this, and the Welsh Coast to Coast, plus other challenges is here:


Dave’s leg of the relay was on Saturday May 26th in Pontypridd, Wales. This is not an insignificant distance from where I live in Manchester, so I go up at 6am and drove there.


The people who had turned out to see the Olympic flame were plentiful. It surprised me. I was there, sure, after a 3- 4 hour drive, but then I had a reason to be there. It was my friend. Lot of friends of the other torch bearers were also on the route, but many people were there just to see the flame. It was exciting. It was a one off, and I am so glad they selected Dave for this.

Click here to see Dave Run


It was touching to see him, and what it meant to him. I had a great day with him, some of his mountain biking mates, with Jo, and in the mountains in Wales. I will write about that tomorrow though. This was his day.