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This is (now) what I am training for!

So I did it.  I signed up, and am now going to ride the York 100.  The 100 mile version of the event – not the 100km version.

Here is the route:

Details are here:


It is a long time since I did a 100 mile ride (actually, a long long time) so I don’t know what sort of time I am expecting.  The plan is to start slow and build from there – little ring for perhaps 20 or so miles before moving up to the big ring.

If anyone cares to join me, I’d love to see you there.  Also, if you feel like sponsoring me, please use this link.



Just ride

Simetimes it is just about riding a bike. My plan is to become fitter than I have been for the last couple of years, that is no secret, but what normally happens is that the path there, the planning to achieve your aims can get in the way of the name of the game itself.

In order to be faster on the bike, at it’s most basic level, I need to ride my bike more. For the moment, this is what I am concentrating on. That means, If I think I can squeeze a ride in, if I have an hour in which to do some pedaling, then just do it. Truth of the matter is that while structured training, training plans and hours spent riding a day would see a lot more progress, opportunist training will also have an effect.

I think what I am saying is that anything is better than nothing.

My plan this week is to use the bike to commute. It is cold, it is miserable and it is dark. But, and this is the point, at least I have ridden.