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It was a busy day on Sunday. In the morning I got up early (at least, early for a Sunday) and hopped on the bike to ride to a pub car park to meet with other people at 9:30am. Since … Continue reading

Getting my ride on.

I have tired legs. The feeling of not just one day of abuse, but two, is there – vaguely tingling. I have a week now before my next ride, so I have plenty of recovery time.

Friday night was a ride with Neil and Ben. Full on muddy night ride around Swinley. Neil and Ben are team mates for 24 hr racing, and Neil works for Whyte. I met him a few years back and our paths cross every now and then at events. You recognise people, chat, Facebook each other and eventually meet up. What’s great about this job is that you are never short of good riders to have a spin with. Even if they do completely outclass me (which they did). Still, it was a great ride, and the lights are awesome (thanks EXPOSURE) so even fast singletrack is unhindered in terms of speed.

We rode for a couple of hours, or perhaps less. All I know was that the pace and some of the steep climbs really caused me to feel the burn.

Knowing that I am in Germany this coming week allows me to recover a little. In order to make that worthwhile, today I am at my parents place. Road bike was the tool of choice, so I set off into Somerset. This area doesn’t do flat. A 53km loop results in 450m climbed. Not much by mountain standards, but these are short sharp climbs. It was breezy and got cold too. A proper workout for me, with yesterday still in my legs.

I will perhaps vainly take the running shoes to Germany – but it will be a busy trip, flying in on Monday, driving to Stuttgart on Tuesday (going to Magura) with work and friends to catch up with in Koblenz before flying back on Friday. No plans for next weekend yet though – perhaps it will involve a bike?!