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Today was spent in a studio outside of LA (up the coast, in Carpinteria) talking through our products for the website. The brand is aware that we have previously let people get away with producing products that are similar to ours – we are now explaining why they are a waste of your money.

We are producing a number videos and even tutorials for the web. This involved the use of a proper studio, green screen, teleprompter and the rest of the paraphernalia. It was a massively interesting experience. I certainly think that this will be progress for us.

It was a pretty nice area.

After the filming we moved on up to Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic Bike Show. The is a massive festival marking the start of the season for the USA. I will post a load of pictures from this event as it goes on.

Managed to get another run in too. Getting into this. I even purchased running kit and found this trial.

Yes, I am enjoying myself.