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London Cycle reconsidered!

There are some great brands here, and it isn’t as bad as I perhaps made out. That was a dis-service to the brands who have shown up. SRAM and Campagnolo for example (perhaps remember that UK cyclists when buying your next bike) are both here with large stands. Specialized are also here, Exposure Lights, Brompton, Hope, Rolf Wheels, Singletrack Magazine, ERGON, Topeak, Brooks, Fizik, Whyte, Marin, Colnago and many more. Perhaps what I am forgetting is that most people here will not have been to Eurobike. In many respects they don’t know what they are missing. EB is too large as well. You just don’t get to see it all!

The show is very personal and good to take in one afternoon. The advantage of the maligned test tracks is that there is something for the whole family to do. British Cycling and Transport For London Are also here. Very good to see.

I leave you with pictures.

Tomorrow Germany, Friday Home, Weekend Bristol Beer Festival (bike race) perhaps, following week Munich and Seoul! Busy!


Core Bike

Well the show today has mostly been about talking to different retailers about our products, and trying to understand ways in which we can see more sold. It isn’t as easy as you would think, as there is such a think as quality as well as quantity of sales. I had a very interesting chat with another brand about what the longterm wish is of our brands and our partners. Without going into detail, it was food for thought.

I also managed to have a bit of a walk around and look at some of the products that may have passed me by in the past. It was good to see the Lew / Reynolds wheels in the flesh again, looking a lot better (although not perfectly) finished than the set I had in my hands at the Sea Otter festival a couple of years ago.

Good to see another product in this market, along with Lightweight and Mavic, although at £4000 a pair I can’t imagine even industry people at cost chosing these over the competition.

The design genius, churning out beautiful items at CrankBrothers is obviously still with them. I have heard good reports on the wheels, but only from ‘insiders’. I would be interested to hear from any owners. The price has come down too I was told by the UK distributor. They cost a damn lot less than the Reynolds for something far prettier in my opinion.

Speaking of pretty I am not sure who is going for the purple bits on this bike, but it reminded me of the 90s.

Hope’s road wheels also look nice, although I know nothing about them! I failed to ask too. FAIL.

More beauty was found at Merida

The gents at Buff had also done interesting things with their hotel conference room.

Finally this caught my eye. At £40 approx, this looks just perfect for throwing the bike on the back of the car, and is light enough and small enough to keep inside the car. I have a Saris Bones that is very secure. As such, I expect good things of this.

A lot more here, including the brand new Ibis, a Colnago and Arsis shifting, just click the pic.

Singing in the woods

Riding yesterday was strange.  One of those rides where all of us in the office had been offering up different reasons for not going.

Head of R&D for example: “I crashed my cross bike at the weekend and my shoulder hurts” or Ergon Outdoor International Sales “I need to get the design for winter ISPO’s booth, wont be able to make it”.  Fact is it has rained pretty much non-stop for the last week.  I actually think it is dryer in the UK!

A few of us (Topeak Ergon’s Team Manager, an Ergon Designer and myself) gritted our teeth, kitted up and met at the railway station.

Night riding always has a surreal edge to it.  Things are just ‘different’ riding after dark.  It is very easy to get lost, and to ride at any speed the concentration required as you try to combine your memory of the trail ahead with what you are seeing just in front of you.  Add to that the goings on in the woods, such as the wild nocturnal animals, hunters, steamed up cars (!) and it is a really is a different experience.  As if that isn’t trippy enough, imagine being greeted by this:

After disturbing them (a singing group of children, and an adult wearing festive clothes) taking pictures, we continued up to the highest point in the forest before running the snowy gauntlet back down.

Rigid forks for me!

Old School Rigid forks for me!  It was icy, and someone over cooked one of the corners (not me).  Big grins all round though.

Super super tired today, and really struggling with getting the images to look right in this post.  Very much looking forward to the weekend – my gf is in town.  3 weeks since we saw each other.  Not sure what priority my bikes will get!