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I am still on my quest to regain part of my fitness, and visiting my best friend here in Cape Town certainly helps. His commitment to himself, his training and his fitness is inspiring. He has set himself goals and is working towards them. What I like about it, is that he is tireless. He will work out twice a day, eat the correct things and enjoys every minute. I am not that lucky! Cycling is the highlight, and everything else is an enabler!

Some of the routes around here though are amazing. The wind too. That is amazing in all the wrong ways. You round a corner and then the wind takes you from 40 km/h to 16 km/h and struggling to change gear fast enough.

In the past few days I have spent 5.5hours in the saddle. Not much in terms of pedal time, but my legs are exhausted. The climbing and the wind has seen to that. Mix that in with the heat, and it really takes it out of you.

This is a holiday though. A holiday with some training mixed in. I am here to relax, do what I enjoy and ‘recover’ a bit. My hectic schedule continues almost immediately when I leave.

Today, my plan is to visit a coffee shop, and plan excursions over the next few days. Photographs are what I am after and I will be armed with a digital SLR to try to appease this desire!