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Cold weather and photo inspiration

Ironic isn’t it?  After the last post about nothing beating the real thing in terms of music, I decide I should ride the bike a little bit.  Being that it is REALLY cold at the moment, the approach that I took was to grab the Tacx rollers, and set them up in front of the TV.  Rollers are great.  You have to keep the balance yourself – you are properly riding the bike.  Far less boring than turbo training.  You need a towel down though, because there is no air flow.

Cold weather makes me think of my other hobbies.  I was recently inspired by a different blog and the winter provides such great light for photography during the afternoon.

I cleaned my car and felt inspired.  Please click for hi resolution.

I had lusted after a BMW since my first ever trip to Germany in 1994.  We visited the BMW museum in Munich as part of a school trip, and that planted it for me.  My view of money though is such that I don’t want masses of cash sat around in a depreciating asset – so an older BMW was the way to go.  Someone else has lost most of the money that it cost new, while it continues to deliver 90% of what it did from the showroom.

The photographs are taken using a tri-pod, a Canon 1000D and long exposures to try to compensate for the low light levels.

The light at 4pm was great, I just had to drive around a bit to find a good location.  In the background of the first photo there are deer – these photos were taken in the car parks for Windsor Great Park.


Helping out a fellow traveller

At the show over the past couple of days, I met and go to know the international sales managers for a couple of different brands.  One of whom I gave a lift to the airport today.  She is young – a lot younger than me.  Also a lot smarter.  At 22 she is in a similar position to me at 30.  Traveling from the States alone, it was her first time in England and on business, and only for a couple of days.  I know what this is like.  And I also have experienced the ‘just passing through’ feeling of visiting a place, and yet never having seen any of it, or nothing apart from ‘work’.  It is also difficult to know where to start, especially if you only have a few hours to spare.  The choice is crippling in my experience.  I had this feeling in Tokyo.  So, I took her to a few places.  A proper English pub for a quick beer, and then on to Eton and Windsor.  It was a whistle stop tour taking in Eton College, and Windsor Castle.  We did it in about two hours, and it was good fun.  I hope that it made her visit just a little more interesting.  It also made me think about how nice it actually is around here.  Sometimes it is easy to forget what you have on your doorstep.

Closed road circuit

At home in the UK, I often go to the Great Park in Windsor. Technically this is a private estate (a Royal estate) but is open to the public. It is a great place to ride, allowing a loop of about 4 – 5 miles to be ridden on essentially what are closed roads. You need to look out for walkers, but it is nice just not to have cars baring down on you.

Last night I decided than rather than trying my first training session on the rollers, I would go and ride in the park, using my high powered Exposure lights. I set off in rush hour traffic with the sole thought being that once I am in the park it would be a lot nicer. I got there looking forward to doing three, maybe four laps.

A the gate a warden stopped me (or should that be guard?) and told me that the park was actually closed during the hours of darkness. Something about health and safety. In fairness to him, he said that he would have let me ride it tonight, provided that I didn’t do it in the future. He did say that there were three other wardens patrolling and so it was likely I will get stopped again.

I actually can completely understand where they are coming from, but it is just a little upsetting. There are a shortage of quiet roads around here where you can just concentrate on technique and nothing else. It isn’t a massive issue, I will just have to ride in the middle of the day instead, but it does curtail my options a little.


Did an hour and a bit anyway, and road a canal tow path today for a bit. That is three rides in three days. I am not Lance yet (or even Yolanda for that matter) but I am feeling better about myself.

I thought tomorrow is about time that I tried slack-lining again.